Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Flyer Printing Dubai

Flyer Printing 

Flyers are most important for advertising and promoting market.
Flyers are using to introduce or inviting methods for any functions,services,products,business etc...

It's Promote a service or function like medical equipment,night party etc..
Also using for to introduce or advertising for any business or companies
such as hotels,restaurants,super markets etc..

Flyer are using for to promote special offers to the public.
In this types of special offer flyers are mainly using for super market weekly special offers, and other special offers etc..

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V2 Media & Advertising is a best printing press in dubai,we have more than 10 years of experience in the printing media.
V2Media is the best leading  flyer printing services providing company 

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Types of Flyer printing press in Dubai

◉Business flyers
◉Club flyers
◉Shop Flyers
◉Office Flyers
◉Special Flyers
◉Matt Finished
◉Festival Flyers
◉Gloss Finished
◉Advertising Use
◉Marketing Use
◉Wall Flyers
◉PO Box drops

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sheet fed offset printing press

A sheet fed offset press consists of four main sections

  • The feeder and lay system
  • The printing units
  • The delivering system
  • The control stations
The feeder and infeed system ensures that ones the paper has been loaded into the press, paper sheets are fed separately from the stack into the press.The printing units each print a single color, on only one side of the paper.Our press has ten print units.the second set of five print towers serve the exact same function of the first, allowing both sides of the paper to be printed in one step.
A perfecting cylinder between the first set of five units and the second set realigns the paper so that the revers side is facing upwards.

a poster printed at our press in dubaiNow the delivers system stacks the printed sheets on the delivery board, during the process the press engineer takes out sample sheets from the press and checks them at the control station.

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Printing press in dubai

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

flyer designing and printing cost in uae

Flyer designing and printing cost in uae

This article will  discuss about these points:

  • Flyer designing cost across uae 
  • Printing price across uae
  • Printing presses which does flyer printing 
  • Summary

Flyer designing cost across UAE

There are lot of different service providers in uae who does flyer designing and printing, there are companies which does printing only and outsource design to other companies and vice versa.

Printing price across UAE

Different companies provide different pricing for designing and printing flyers. v 2 media & advertising provides the best competitive pricing when compared to the similar fashion service providers.

printing presses which does flyer printing 

  • v 2 media & advertising
  • veesham
  • alpha printing press
  • descoonline
  • delta printing press
  • jaguar printing press

We will be discussing the other points in the next blog post.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Our New Printing Press At Ras Al Khor Area

We offer the following printing services in UAE

Promotional Items

Corporate Gifts

Leather Sets

VIP Sets

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One of our sample work
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